Monday, December 25, 2017

"The Christmas Child"

I had just finished reading Clément's first letter to the Corinthians this morning dated from 80AD to 140AD; I was looking at our Christmas tree as I contemplated what I had just read. What was standing out to me from the reading, was the numerous times Clement stated, "It is written in another place", then he would quote Scripture. He would remind his readers of what Jesus said or what the Apostles had said. He had nothing original to say of himself.

I began to think about the fact Christmas as we call it has no reference in Scripture. In early New England America it was illegal to even celebrate it, it was considered and abomination. Yet today it is almost sacred to our Christian culture.

I see the signet (Keep Christ in Christmas) and (Jesus is the reason for the Season) show up every year. Let me be bold and offend someone at this point, Jesus is not the reason for the season, we are. We have no Command from our Lord to celebrate this event, it is our own creation. Much that we understand about the Christmas story is fabricated as well as the Date. It is thought by some perhaps Christ was born sometime in September, but Scripture did not record this for us, for very good reason no doubt.

 So what is so bad about the Christmas season? For one thing, the truth of the Gospel is hidden and masked in the gift giving and Christmas cheer. We feel good about ourselves and it is said this time of the year brings out the best in us. Leaving us thinking we're not all that bad after all, and all that good just spills out this time of the year.

But the truth of the Gospel is that we are not all that good, and the good we do this time of the year is filled with pride and self exaltation for all our acts of kindness. The truth is this Child was born, this Child was given because of our depravity.

This depravity from time to time manifests itself among us and we are reminded what man is capable of. The last few years here in our own little community the kidnap, rape, and murder of a young girl shocked us into reality. From time to time this depravity shakes our own lives in a much closer venue. We are struck with broken homes, rebellious children, addictions, and so many things we are all too familiar with.

The birth of this Christ Child brought about the slaughter of Children from two years old and under by edict of the king. Soldiers entered into the homes of families and ripped their children from their arms and slaughtered them in the streets. This is a part of the Christmas story that many times gets overlooked. We want to sing peace on earth and good will toward men without understanding why there is a need for peace and good will. This peace and good will came from outside our world, to save us from ourselves and the wrath of God.

I did a search on the internet with the words, "pictures of Christmas". I looked at over 40 pictures, not one referenced anything Christian, with the exception of a Bethlehem star.

So, what is good about Christmas? It is a time most of the world is forced to acknowledge an event in History. This event is at the center of the world. History is dated such as to reference time, before and after this event.

It is reckoned in such manner, there is no doubt that something took place that changed the world. It is a time that affords us opportunity to speak of this Child that was born, this Child that was given. To remind the world of its fallen condition and the immense price that had to be paid for our redemption. It is a time that we as Christians can take great joy in God's love toward us and all mankind. Those who are broken can now be made whole, those who are lost can now be saved.

This Christmas season, let us not hide our eyes from the brokenness around us, the depravity of our human nature clothed in Christmas cheer, but boldly declare the Glorious Redemption that has been offered. Come to Christ! See His Beauty! Love His Words! Cry to God, let me see! Open my heart that I may be healed!

May the Grace of God be upon each of you,



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  1. I was just reading over your posts, and came across this one. How I missed it, i have no clue. We took down our tree several years ago, after reading some hearty words from our puritan forefathers on the "Christ-mass" holy day. Thanks for pointing out some pertinent info on this!